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10th March 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Able to squeeze some time to go to lunch with my LG mates after service, before soccer.
  • Drove alone to service today because LG mates either went ahead or were late. I took the opportunity to pray in the car before service.
  • Was told I was a ‘worldclass defender’ by Zhiyuan’s friends. Perhaps, it was a joke but I’ll take this kind of compliment any day, any time.
  • Parents cook dinner today and my uncle and auntie is gonna come to have dinner together
  • Mum made Lemongrass + Honey drink


Happy to see that Antonio is being more and more of himself, he is much happier compared to when I first saw him about 3 months ago. I’m glad he even brought a friend to church today! He kept asking me if I’m free during the weekdays, I said I am. I told him to give me a call and we can go out to grab some drinks or foods. We always wanted to meet during one of the weekdays but so far no initiation was made. Hope next week we will get to meet otherwise, I’ll just call him again.

Cough didn’t fully recover today but I still praise God that I’m able to play soccer. Today’s game is kinda different because it is just a friendly game with lots of laughter and jokes. I know about 20 percent of the people there therefore I joke minimally and focus more on the game instead. I’m surprised I was able to play for a full 90 minutes with lots of sprinting and running. I took rest twice by being the goalkeeper which helped a lot. I guess that’s why I was able to endure for so long.

I was so tired after the game that I took a 45 minutes nap when I got home. A much needed rest.

Today’s game is more like a warm-up for Tuesday’s game. I am the main organizer and I’m truly excited to play with friends whom I haven’t played with for so long. Definitely looking forward to Tuesday.

Tomorrow will be another exciting day because it is gonna be Lawrence first day of work. I want to help him as much as possible to reduce the stress and pressure of him. First few days are usually the most difficult. So I want to spend more time helping him if he needs it.


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