Home Journal 11th April 2019 Journal

11th April 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Serve first guitar worship at LG today
  • Mum cook dinner even though she was so tired after work
  • Had supper with LG after service today – Antonio joined us too. Happy to see him today.


Published 46 reviews today. It isn’t an easy tasks but I am sure my team has gone through more than me and they work hard to make this happen. They inspire me to keep pressing on. If they are working hard for the site then I will work harder.

Quite hungry now. It is exactly 12am as I’m typing this. Can’t eat now though because it is too late. I will just make myself a hot Milo. Read the new book I bough today, relax awhile then go to bed, I’ll eat Kimchi + Breads tomorrow for lunch. Just typing that out makes me drool.

Tomorrow is Friday. Time flies! Let’s work hard again tomorrow.

Super embarrassing just now. Played “God, you’re so Good” during worship just now and totally forgot to Capo the 3rd fret. I played it raw no wonder everybody sounded like zombie. I only realized halfway through. No one told me either. hahaha! The 2nd time I play at the 3rd fret and it was soooooooo much better! Need to be aware of this in future. Oh wells, it was a good first guitar worship nevertheless.

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