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11th February 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Going to nelson’s house for gathering tonight! Can’t wait to see the monkeys again. Not gonna gamble though! Will just mingle and catch up with those monkeys. If got Fifa, I’m definitely gonna play! Before that I wanna chiong finish my work. Whatever there’s to do because I know I wouldn’t do shit when I come home later.
  • Stanley just jio wednesday soccer at Tampines Hub! Let’s do it! Stanley, James, Zhiyuan and myself could do a lot of damage to the opposite team – whoever we face.
  • Nelson’s grandma prepared a lot of food for us today! I ate A LOT of meat for dinner!
  • Binkai is the first friend who gave me an angbao! LOL


Site is loading at an unbelievably slow rate before posting up my last article. Had no idea why. Cloudways tech support isn’t helpful either. They do not know what is going on and simply waited till the site loads fine and reply me that “oh, the site is fine now.” Dafuk! I want to know what the heck went wrong so I can make amendments and improve. Simply stating the bloody obvious wouldn’t do us good. It is important we know the root causes because downtime = money. This is the con of Cloudways, I think they hire intern for tech-support. However, I have to give them much credit for the interfaces, the freaking awesome loading speed when the site runs smoothly – faster compared to Kinsta and more importantly they allow vertical scaling.

So I finally manage to find out the root problem that caused the downtime, it was 5 ips who were attacking the site simultaneously. Blacklisted those 5 ip-addresses.

Just came back from Nelson’s place. Seeing them gamble is really a joke! Can’t stop laughing. Really are monkeys! I’m surprised to hear that some of my friends can lose close to $100,000 in cash this Chinese New Year period, that’s A LOT of money! On one hand I’m happy that they are doing well financially, on the other, I’m silently worried for their lifestyle. Gambling, drinking, smoking etc. Life is all about making money and gambling for them. I don’t know if they live a happy lifestyle but all I know is that that isn’t the life I want to live. I like my kind of lifestyle now though I’m not doing nearly as successful financially and I just miss 1 very important person to share my life with. That’s about it.

Better to be single than to be with a wrong partner.”

Hope I can bring a few of my friends to church next time. That’d be wonderful!

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