Home Journal 11th March 2019 Journal

11th March 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Gonna hitch my cousin’s ride at Tampines to go to Jurong to have a meal with Ingrid at 6.30pm before she goes back to Germany tomorrow.
  • I thought I couldn’t make it for dinner with Ingrid because I wanted to spend more time coaching Lawrence since today is his first day of work. Well, Lawrence is an extremely fast learner. I’m in awe of his work attitude and professionalism. He gets it!
  • Gonna borrow from Zhiyuan a soccer ball for tomorrow’s game. My soccer ball isn’t meant for futsal.


Dinner with Ingrid, Gideon and Jesher at JEM was amazing! We sat there for close 3 hours just talking and catching up. Talking with Ingrid reminds me so much about my times spent in Germany in 2014. It was a year of change. I miss my friends in Germany. I really look forward to going back one of these days.

Zhihao, Gideon, Jesher and Ingrid at JEM

I don’t know what is wrong but my best friend is in hospital now and he doesn’t want us to visit him. I can only pray for him now. I told him if he can’t sleep, I’ll buy supper over to hospital and we can eat together. I just want to be with him for awhile. Lord Jesus, please protect and look after binkai please! I pray that he will get well soon.

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