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12th May 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Ben forgot he had ordered eggs so he gave me his soft-boiled eggs because he didn’t like it. I’m not a food picker so I gladly accepted it. Yummy!
  • It is a blessing that LG and I are gonna travel to Malacca in August.
  • The Spy and The Traitor is one of the best spy books I’ve had read. Truly courageous of the protagonist.
  • Parents cooked dinner. Delicious dinner!
  • Writers sent in their respective Editor’s Picks. Gonna start working on that tomorrow.


My sister has difficulty differentiating Left and Right in Chinese. She doesn’t know where is 左, where is 右 so I taught her a very simple way to remember. She said that she has no problem understanding Left and Right in English so I basically told her that it is the same in Chinese. No one will ever say Right Left or 右左. It is always Left Right and 左右.

In exact words, this is what I told her: “If you can remember Left Right, you can remember 左右. If people say 右, repeat to yourself silently ‘左,右’ in your mind then you will know which direction 右 is already.” She was in awe.

My Chinese isn’t brilliant either and I’ve had implemented this strategy for many years. To say the least, this is simple and effective.

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