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13th April 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Played Tropico 6 for 9 hours – lol, play until headache and have to force myself to stop, it is so addicting
  • Simple self-made but yummy dinner
  • Despite the slow internet connection in their locality, Grizelle and Paulene still did their to produce their outputs.


I always believe that kids who have an amazing and playful childhood are the one who grow up smart and educated. Playing can be a powerful learning if used correctly. Just look at the animal kingdom, dogs, cats, wolves, elephants etc. Animals who are actively engage in Play results in less hostility and are more sociable.

Same can be said for humans. Take away play, social interaction and leisure completely and we cannot function at an optimal level. We will grow depress or worst, suicide.

Playing Tropico 6 is so challenging. I have to meet the citizen’s needs, have to build fun and entertainment, have to make crimes are low and that the infrastructures are in tact. I played for 9 hours today and I reckon 80% of the time I’m broke. Either because I spent on unnecessary things or I spent too quickly.

It is all about management. I know it may sound ironic but playing Tropico 6 somehow gave me an idea on how to improve my business. I’m not gonna share now because I cannot focus on typing this journal after playing for so long. I just want to take a break by looking away from the screen. Good night!

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