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13th March 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Went out to eat with Binkai at Bedok mall
  • Mum made Millet for dinner and prepared Mango
  • Sister made for me egg-mayo sandwich and left for me a chocolate cream puff in the fridge


I shouldn’t undermine the importance of doing the daily mundane things. I have been cutting down on my exercises lately and need to improve in that area.

I haven’t really gone gung-ho in any areas of my life before. This year I wanna go gung-ho on Humble & Rich and see how far the site can go. 2019 is my last year of living in the 20s and I thought why not chiong and experiment. It is an ideal time to chiong and work on something that matters to me. I want to make it the BEST Fashion Review site on the entire WWW someday. Today, we are just about about 2% there. There’s tremendous room for improvement and growth.

It is scary to take such a risk but it is gonna be worth it even if I encounter failures. Living on the edge is much better than living in mediocrity. If I succeed, I’m gonna win big. If I fail, I’m gonna learn big. I couldn’t have ask for a better opportunity to either win or grow or both. Thank God for giving me this opportunity!

I’m gonna take whatever I learn from here to apply and improvise in my next endeavor.

Thank God for today! Thank you for peace, for friends, for family and the chance to experience warmth and love. Thank you for providing everything even though I have nothing. Thank you for giving me something to work on, for giving me passion, interest and hobbies. Thank you for making life so novel and challenging. Thank you for the ups and downs, happiness and sadness, wins and failures. Thank you for preserving me and that I am who I am today. Thank you for saving me, abba Father! Apart from you, I can achieve nothing. Help me to abide in you and you in me. Help me to rely less on my own strength and more of yours. I pray all these in your most precious name, amen!

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