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15th February 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Soccer at 9pm at SIA training center. Gonna give my all to defend again. I’m gonna put myself on the line.
  • Mum bought breads and milk home
  • There’s no issue with Tonie’s collection today. All images were uploaded successfully.


What an intense game. Extremely high intensity and physical. Did my best to help my team but we still lost the last game. I got into an argument with an opponent but fortunately there was no fight. I shook hands with everyone including him after the game was over.

Zhiyuan walked off from the entire game just after the first game, I guess I’ll not ask him out for soccer until he works on his temper and attitude. I can understand why he was angry on Wednesday but today, it is his problem. I told him what I needed to say during our drive back home. I didn’t want to ‘sweet talk’ a friend when I know he is in the wrong so I told him what needed to be said.

Tomorrow there’s this event organized by my church, zhengyue encouraged me to go, I honestly don’t know what to expect and thinking of it, I’m actually quite sian to go but since I already paid 25 bucks for it, I’ll go and explore. Hopefully, it isn’t too bad.

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