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16th April 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • There’s still mum’s healthy dessert left in the fridge
  • Didn’t sleep well last night but I’m glad I managed to took a nap in the afternoon
  • Feeling quite stressful in the first half of the day but manage to overcome it. It’s all in the mind.


I need to ban myself from checking earnings, traffic stats for the time being. I find myself checking these stats many times throughout the day which is affecting my efficiency in work. It doesn’t make sense to worry or be happy about an irregular fluctuation. I’m not saying that stats are not important, they are, but I should limit only to 2 times per month rather that check every few hours. Checking and reviewing stats every biweekly is a smart move. A crucial one in fact. Checking stats 10 times per day isn’t. That’s stupid.

There are so many new things that I have implemented lately. I am working harder than before. It is absolutely okay to work hard as long as what I do works and matters. I have no clear indications that my hard work works now. I can only tell probably by the end of June. If it doesn’t, I’ll have to change my strategy. If it does, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.┬áThere’s no point in working hard if my hard work don’t matter.

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