Home Journal 17th March 2019 Journal

17th March 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Went to Bedok point to celebrate Chiower’s Birthday after service
  • Parents prepared delicious dinner – Potatoes + Pork + Vegetables
  • Talk to my elder brother about my new website and ask for feedback


I was so engrossed in improving Humble and Rich: A Fashion Review Website that I’ve had neglected many other areas on my life including writing Journal entries to Ministry of Say and exercising. It is nice to have focus but it isn’t nice to neglect other important aspects of my life.

I’m writing 17th March Journal entry on 18th March afternoon at 12:11pm. Something isn’t right, I need to do something about it otherwise Journal entry to Ministry of Say will be gone in no time.

I am not sure if we are gonna have in-house soccer tomorrow. Thus far, there are only 11 people. I told my friends to confirm my tonight so I can book a pitch. If still 11-12 by tonight, I told them not to worry, we can try again next week.

I haven’t eat oatmeal in such a long time. Today, I’ll make time and prepare myself a delicious and nutritious oatmeal – today as 18th March, not 17th March.

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