Home Journal 18th January 2019 Gratitude Journal

18th January 2019 Gratitude Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Glad I did back-to-back interval training. Tonight I have soccer hope I am able to run and defend later.
  • After interval training, I prepared myself a delicious and healthy recovery meal
  • Anjing brought spicy soup with Onion, Pork, Tofu and Potatoes

Gratitude Journal

I thought I would be super tired for soccer after I did my interval training in the afternoon. Surprisingly I was able to sprint like mad again while playing soccer. It is amazing what the body can do and sad how the mind can be so lazy sometimes.

Played quite well today for soccer, did my part as a defensive role and supported my team as much as I could. Will improve more by training for intervals and touches.

Reduce the images on the widget area for H&R Boutique but apparently AWS storage and CDN is still ridiculously expensive. I would give myself until by end of next week to determine if I should migrate my storage to DigitalOcean instead. Long term wise, AWS and CDN would be the biggest expenses if it carries on at this rate. Definitely need to do something about it if it’s still not reducing usage.

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