Home Journal 18th March 2019 Journal

18th March 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Bk and Chris agreed to the new business proposal. Let’s do it!
  • Went out to eat together with family with cookie
  • A lot of books in my Kindle library. Gonna reread some books that are worth rereading in the near future.
  • Faye gets her Fragrance review right on the first try – she gets it!


I had updated the Fashion Show Reviews – Fall RTW Collection at least 3 times today because I was in experimenting mode to see what works best for our readers. Though it is a tedious process, I’m glad I found a way to settle. Like I said in February, March 2019 will be a month of updating previously published content and sorting out the categories + tags into the rightful order.

I didn’t make myself oatmeal today because we are gonna go eat dinner outside, cookie is heading to the airport later. But I ate California walnut breads + Peanut butter + nuts for lunch. Hope this is sufficient to substitute oatmeal in terms of nutrition values.

So the one that works best on Humble & Rich website is the review content. I currently have about 500 reviews (out of the total 2,100 posts). If I chiong for the next 10 months continuously starting from April, I could generate another 8,000 reviews by January 2020. It is super crazy just thinking about it but doable! If I fail, that’s it! I’m willing to give up then but not now when I can see so much potential. I willing to work hard and suffer till January 2020.

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