Home Journal 19th April 2019 Journal

19th April 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Manage to took a nap in the afternoon
  • Tuna + Bread dinner + Watching Black Summer of Netflix = Quite a relaxing night
  • It is the weekend tomorrow. But guess I can’t take the time to explore Anno 1800 yet. Work comes first.


It is so frustrating to see that Tonie is reverting back to her old self. Her reviews she gave are just completely ridiculous. It is extremely bias. I have no choice but to speak the truth and gave her the ultimatum. If she carries on like this, she just isn’t cut to be a review writer… at least not for us. A review writer should be honest, not bias. A review writer needs to learn to look at the ‘ugly’ side of things not just the good side. We had this conversation before so I am not having it the 3rd time. If it happens again, I’m not gonna hesitate to either change her role or suspend her altogether. It’s not worth the effort explaining so much when one doesn’t listen. Sometimes, enough is enough. I’m so tired explaining all these to her today. Especially today!

Anyway this incident kinda inspires me to create a complete training for the rest of the writers. I can’t afford to have this happening again. It kinda sucks. A review site should act and behave like a review site.

Let’s see if I can produce one over the weekend.

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