Home Journal 19th March 2019 Journal

19th March 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • New Humble & Rich theme is pretty sleek. User retention is slightly higher than before and Adsense CTR is higher. I like that the theme has a built-in “Inline Related Posts” – Hopefully with this, we can decrease bounce rate, increase average-time-on-site and page views.
  • Mum made Millet for dinner
  • Pumpkin plan is in my Kindle library. Read this book many years ago, gonna reread it again.


I overworked today. Instead of going slow and do a little each day, I went all-out and try to do too many things at once. Right now at 11:27pm as I am typing this, I am feeling quite restless. Tomorrow, I need to allocate some time to relax and rest. I can’t go gungho and sprint throughout. I’ll suffer burnout sooner rather than later if I keep going at this pace.

Hustling or living on the edge as I like to call it is extremely worth it. If I gain something out of this endeavor let this be it, do not settle for mediocrity. Always be hustling and living on the edge. Keep doing better and better each day.

My plan for tomorrow will be to update Sneaker Reviews again. I’ll get the Sneaker Reviews done before the weekend.

I am thinking what else can I do to improve the site – even if it’s just a mere percent.

I am very excited to start on the new book, The Pumpkin Plan! Gonna read a few pages before I turn-in and call it a day. What a day it is!

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