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19th May 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Happy to see my LG mates today even if it was only a short while
  • Wrote a few hundred words on ‘My 20s in a Nutshell’ draft
  • Parents cook chicken curry for dinner


My goal was to make $15,000/month by end of 2019. It may be quite unlikely after the I ceased operation for H&R starting in June 2019 but I am keeping my fingers crossed with the new site I’m about to start.

This time, instead of hiring a team. I will be working solo first. I will work on the foundation of the site. Write at least 80% of the articles myself at the initial phase.

Build it for the long-term. Build it on solid ground and slowly add 1 team member at a time instead of going all-out like what I did with H&R.

My goal is to deliver value to our readers in a niche that I truly care about.

This is still a business venture so I am definitely profit-driven. With H&R, I was focusing on rapid growth. With the new site, I am focusing on profit first.

I will only hire when I see profits coming in.

I am gonna invest slowly and diligently and keep my expenses to the bare minimal. I’ll save my finances for future uses – only invest in resources that are worth investing and/or resources that have already proven to make more money.

Most importantly, I will invest on my personal growth to be a better writer. To be the best at the new niche I am entering (I will research, read, interview and study everything in this niche). I already have a pretty decent knowledge on this niche I but I want to be the BEST so it isn’t enough with my current knowledge!

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