Home Journal 1st January 2019 Gratitude Journal

1st January 2019 Gratitude Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • I’m glad that I started Ministry of Say 6 months ago. At first it is kind of going through the motion but now I find it a tad meaningful to keep writing my daily checklists and Gratitude Journal.
  • Glad that I’ve kept a record of 2018 traffic, earnings etc. that way I could evaluate what works and what doesn’t and could have a better projection/prediction of 2019 traffic, earnings etc.
  • Dad made tuna sandwich for me in the morning and in the evening – it is a rare occasion so I’m gonna savour every bite.

Gratitude Journal

I have no idea why I feel so cranky and lethargic these past 2-3 days. I had enough sleep. Nevertheless, I am glad I could take a nap at around 1800 hours to rejuvenate for the tasks I need to do at night. Go through emails to source for potential candidates whom I wanna proceed to step #2 of the interview.

Binge watch Travelers lately, it isn’t healthy to binge watch but I’m glad I’ve had the choice to binge watch rather than not. Relaxing and peaceful night.. watch arsenal vs fulham at home and it was a comfortable win!

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