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20th February 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Excited that there’s a soccer game tonight at Tampines Hub. Gonna give my all to help my team defensively again. No doubt it is gonna be a tiring game. Perhaps more so than last week.
  • Just dropped a message to Marisse and Michelle about the news and changes for March 2019. It’s not easy but glad I said what needed to be said. We need the resources for the main site for now.
  • Mum made Millet with Red Dates for dinner before my soccer game later


So there’s this girl I wanted to know during back-to-the-90s event, we simply had a group-setting-small-talk and the talks didn’t go far. That evening I simply followed her instagram and vice versa. Thinking back now I should have gone for her phone number straight but I didn’t have a good enough reason to take her number or if I am honest, perhaps I didn’t have the courage. It wasn’t easy because it was in a group setting – not just any group – a devoted Christian group. I settled at IG and thought silently, “fine, I’ll use IG as a gateway to take her number.” and left it at that.

Earlier today, I asked for her phone number via IG chat. I just gotten a reply that we should stick to IG. In girls’ definition, this is usually no-go. I did poorly in our small talks and I was kinda awkward when I first approached her to ask about her tattoos. It sucks man! I should work on improving this kinda small talks.

Now that the ball is on my court, what should I do? There are 2 options:

  1. Reply “okay” and we probably wouldn’t talk again – not on IG at least
  2. Prove to her that I’m worth every single second of her time by trying to impress her through IG

Now that I’ve listed down the options, the answer is pretty clear! Reply “okay” and leave it. There’s no need to prove anything to anyone.

I only wanna spend time with people who are willing and wanting to spend time with me. It’s either a fuck-yes or hell-no! If it’s kinda like in the middle, that’s still a no! Best or nothing. Don’t settle.

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