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20th March 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Glad I had updated the About and Contact page for Humble & Rich site
  • There’s soccer later at 8pm. Gonna do warm-up and rs stretches soon
  • Zhiyuan is gonna drive so James and myself can just hitch his ride to Tampines later
  • Mum made Millet + pumpkin + carrots + corns for dinner – perfect dinner for soccer later


Soccer was good, we dominated the game because opponents lost us in stamina. However, the game got quite boring after awhile because of lack of competition. There were only 2 teams so perhaps that’s why.

I got complacent halfway through and I’ll learn not to be in future. Complacent is not for me. I want to be ready always especially when I am given the opportunity to play.

I am so hungry now. I am thinking if I should go down to buy California Walnut Breads to eat at home or just eat a normal chinese meal at a nearby coffeeshop. Turns out, I’ve decided to opt for the former. It is healthy and it will replenish my body + I’m eating alone so I don’t mind eating simple. If I’m eating with friends than I’ll definitely go for the latter.

I have sprint and work a lot the past couple of days on Humble & Rich website. It is a pleasure and a joy working on the site however I don’t want to lose the momentum and overwork myself therefore I’m gonna take a break now. Relax, read, eat, sleep! I’ll work again tomorrow.

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