Home Journal 21st April 2019 Journal

21st April 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Happy to have lunch with LG after service though the food wasn’t that great
  • Took time to explain to Grizelle the purpose behind my tone for the ‘training material.’ I think it is worth the time explaining to her because she has been in my shoes before.
  • Gonna take a good break today because tomorrow will be a brand new week. It’s gonna be a tough week and I want to make sure I’m absolutely ready.


Anno 1800 is kinda boring to play. I could play a total of 20 hours for Tropico 6 but Anno 1800 couldn’t last more than 2 hours. I wanted to request for refund but unfortunately the developer says that if I play more than 2 hours, I couldn’t refund. Guess I couldn’t save $70.

Usually Monday I have a little time in the early afternoon to run some errands or simply go take a walk. Perhaps, I should seize this opportunity to go out and relax awhile. Read some book, drink some tea and/or do some planning.

Last week was a little chaotic. The team and myself couldn’t function at our best at such situation.  Things gotta change. I really hope the training guide could benefit all of us.

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