Home Journal 23rd March 2019 Journal

23rd March 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Dad made Korean vegetable + prata for breakfast
  • Grizelle may begin work on 25 March instead of 1 April
  • Went out to starbucks to plan and read


The RPM for Humble & Rich had dropped significantly over the past 2-3 months. That was the main reason why our traffic increase while revenue decrease. Even so, the RPM now is still within the average range of typical websites. I have to do something about it to prevent from the RPM from decreasing further and that is why I chose to go gungho on Reviews and Reviews only in 2019.

Target and precise will probably increase the RPM again in the near future. I’ll keep a close monitor on it for the next 2-3 months.

Read a lot and completed The Pumpkin Plan book. I am gonna read the Founder of Nike memoir next.

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