Home Journal 22nd March 2019 Journal

22nd March 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Gonna meet Chris for dinner later
  • Combined multiple posts into one and add redirection rules
  • Mum tapao some delicious food back home – just in time for my tea break


It was an interesting sleep, I dreamt of Humble & Rich reviews. Particularly on the Makeup and Fragrance section. I was visualizing it in my dream. I was so engrossed in the business that I even dream about it. I eat, sleep and breathe for the website these days. I am willing to let go the site in 10 months time if it doesn’t grow to the point where I’d like but right now when I am given the opportunity to thrive, I am going to give my absolute best. I want to do my best for God, for my family, for my future family, for my brothers and friends.

2018 was a learning curve for me. 2019 is the year I go gungho. Hopefully 2020 is the year I double or even triple the website’s growth rate. By 2022, I want us to have 200,000 reviews on the site and be the biggest Fashion Review Website on the internet. It is an ambitious dream but I’m willing to work hard for it.

Traffic + Posts aren’t the most important metrics I focus on now though, revenue + profits are the metrics I’m gonna focus from hereon out.

Thank God for today and everything he has provided, hopefully tomorrow I can wake up in time to meet Joshua for lunch. Otherwise, I’ll see him on Sunday.

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