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24th April 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Completed Company of One book
  • Shared with mum very delicious cookies
  • Went to starbucks to read and plan


I didn’t publish 23rd April Journal and Checklists because when I publish earlier today, WordPress requires me to login again. And when I did, the autosave feature was off. There’s no way to retrieve the lost copies. I didn’t feel there’s a need to write everything out again especially retrieving all the links for Business (checklists). Everything that I do here is to be answerable to myself and keeping myself accountable. I know I did what needs to be done on the 23rd therefore I’m not gonna rewrite 23rd again. I’ll be more careful in the future though and make sure that heartbeats for this site isn’t off. I’ll publish one post at a time and make sure I have another soft copy saved before publishing.

I’m glad I completed Company of One book sooner than I thought. Though, I didn’t agree to every theory that the author suggested, it is an eye-opener nonetheless. I thought that growth is essential for a business, it isn’t always the case. The author challenged readers to question growth instead of blindly chasing after endless growth especially when one wants to have more leisure time than undue stress. Many times growth means more responsibility, more risk, more turnover, more stress and that I agree.

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