Home Journal 25th February 2019 Journal

25th February 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Going to meet haoxiang for a beer later. Haven’t seen him in such a long time
  • Appreciate that Joshua is keeping me accountable for praying every day
  • Alex wants me to organize soccer again! I’m happy to organize one in-house in March – Let’s do it!


January is a brand new start. February is the month of updating sneakers. March will be the month of ‘Categorizing’ to increase searchability on H&R boutique. That has been a far cry to improve user-experience by categorizing articles/reviews to the appropriate field. March is gonna be an exciting month!

Met How Siang and the talk was great! It was a nice catch up. I am happy that Wilson and Clement are doing extremely well. The first time we met, we were just newbies in the IM world. Today, all of us are doing at least decently well. Can’t wait to meet up with Clement and Wilson soon.

I am tempted to do the fast and easy way to make more money but I know it isn’t a long term strategy therefore I will reject the notion and instead focus on what God has given me. It is slow and steady! Exactly the kind I wanna work on.

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