Home Journal 25th January 2019 Gratitude Journal

25th January 2019 Gratitude Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Opportunity to grow as a defender. Gonna work on my game, I want to improve and be the best defender (competing with myself – I know I can do much better).
  • Gonna improve and be a better man too. Improve and do things that inspire me more! Work on my communication skills, business and attitude as a man.
  • Met Zhengyue for supper at 56 and talk awhile

Gratitude Journal

Bought Zhengyue’s code for $1,000 last October but I wouldn’t be using it any longer because I migrated server and it is also for the benefits of H&R Boutique long term goals. I’ll link directly to the merchant sites instead of doing internal linking within the blog which will save users an additional step. The only downside is I might suffer click-through loses which isn’t a big deal.

Today is 25th and the remaining of this month I’ll focus on training Paulene and Tonie for their new roles on 28th January and 1st February respectively.

Starting February I will focus on updating the entire site. I want to hire 2 more writers but I guess that have to wait till the first week of March to add more members to the team otherwise I’ll be over-stressing myself unnecessarily.

February, I will work on updating all the codes that I bought from Zhengyue and link directly to merchants, I’ll change the internal pages to “nofollow, noindex”, which will be inclusive of the Collection posts too. Gonna be busy but it is necessary! Secondly, I’ll work on updating all the Sneaker Posts. This entire process that include my daily posting will take an entire February I reckon. Once updated, March will be the time when I focus on adding 2 more members to the team writing on Sneaker and/or Beauty.

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