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25th March 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Met Joshua for dinner and have fellowship after that
  • I’ve done more than expected in March 2019
  • Took a break by reading Shoe Dog just now


The next 10 months may be the most important period of my entire life so far. It’s either a make it or break it moment. I am scared but at the same time freaking excited! I’m gonna give my all.

It is good to have Grizelle back. She was our editor in the past and now I hire her to be our Shopping Site Review writers since she had editor so many shopping sites in the past.

Have fellowship with Joshua just now after dinner. It was a great talk and I’m glad that he is my brother in the same LG. Thank God that he is always reminding me to pray. I need that kind of reminder.

Whatever happens in the next 10 months, I am gonna give praise and thank God! Even if I fail, I know it will be super painful but I’ll climb back up and give thanks to God for giving me this opportunity to grow and learn. If I succeed, I know that it isn’t my strength but His!

I know my journal these days is all about work and business. Yeah, I was obsessed. I will learn to relax and have fun too instead of just going all-out for business.

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