Home Journal 26th January 2019 Gratitude Journal

26th January 2019 Gratitude Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • First time rode e-scooter (Jame’s e-scooter) to SIA training center for soccer yesterday.
  • Completed Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins. Freaking inspiring book but being inspired isn’t enough. I have to do the shit.
  • Glad that Zhengyue recommended me Bad Blood book which is a super hot-topic now. Will purchase it tonight after I’m done with work today.
  • Met Binkai for lunch at 56 today.

Gratitude Journal

Find myself acting like a kid lately especially when playing soccer (and also other aspects of life). Complaining and blaming like a bloody kid when things don’t go my way. Things don’t bend to my every whim. Take charge and take control SZH. Fuck this kiddy attitude and time to step up my game and take responsible in soccer and in life.

H&R Boutique is loading at a much faster rate compared to before. I did Gzip Compression, a lot of minifications and combined CSS and JS into a single file. Removed Google Tag code and installed Analytics on the local host. I’m also glad that the affected site isn’t H&R Boutique which will be a big headache! The 503 and 500 errors are affecting only MOS and MOW. Hope to resolve this ASAP!

Right calf is still not fully healed after the run. I’ll have to stop playing soccer for at least a week (2 would be ideal) to heal up. I’ll work on lower body stretching exercises to improve my flexibility and upper body strength and coordination. Hate this feeling but I have to suck it up and accept the fact! I’ll not give up! I’ll be the best defender! Just you freaking wait till I’m all healed up!

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