Home Journal 27th February 2019 Journal

27th February 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Finally we’re starting on Fall 2019 collection – Published the First Fall Collection today
  • March 2019 will be a brand new month with lots of changes – Update all the categories – Hopefully we can open up both Bag Reviews and Makeup Reviews in March
  • Gonna practice guitar more in March because I will start serving my first guitar session in April


I went out every day last week, today I finally got the chance to stay at home. Sometimes, it is good to go out to meet friends – some people love to go out everyday to party and whatnot – for me, I love to rejuvenate by staying at home and be alone sometimes. That’s how I recharge my battery.

I like that there’s a balance of going-out and staying-home.

I’m glad I did more than expected today. I am happy with myself! Gonna work hard tomorrow again – it’s the final day of February 2019.

Tomorrow after I am done with my usual daily work, I’m gonna focus on updating the Runway/Collection articles. I wanna increase searchability for that category ASAP. After which, I’m gonna focus on updating Watch.

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