Home Journal 28th December Gratitude Journal

28th December Gratitude Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Eating a healthy diet meal doesn’t have to be expensive or burdensome. Fresh foods and vegetables are just within walking distance and only cost a few dollars.
  • Education and personal development is within reach. It is just a matter of choice. Books (and kindle ebooks) are extremely affordable too. Glad I could learn from people with much more experience than I have in any particular field that I want to improve on.
  • Youtube is such a great medium and tool. There are so many hidden gold here. Recipes, how-tos etc. Free!

Gratitude Journal

I am very grateful that I can take a nap during midday when I felt quite tired after working and exercising. It is a luxury to have a 15 minutes phone-break during army days let alone an hour nap.

Eating complex carbs (Australian Oat Breads) with vital nutrition such as Ovomaltine and Peanut Butter is so tasty (and affordable). I read a couple of World War 2 books like:

Soldiers and/or Prisoners-of-war have shortage of food and would consider a piece of bread a blessing. They would work an entire day – forced hard labour that is – for a little piece of bread and a diluted corn soup and yet sometimes I find myself complaining about the little unimportant things in life such as hot weather, slow drivers, boring meals, mundane work, lousy phone etc. you get what I mean, the typical Singaporean or the Strawberry Generation as some would like to call.

It is a BLESSING to eat bread with Ovomaltine or Peanut Butter. Anything more than these are luxury which I would savour at every mouth!

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