Home Journal 30th December Gratitude Journal

30th December Gratitude Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • There’s a church service to attend to every Sunday morning. I never felt this way when I was at CIS but now I’m looking forward to go to church every Sunday morning. It isn’t a perfect church but I love the people regardless. Different people from different backgrounds coming together for one purpose – that is quite inspiring!
  • Thankful for all of my childhood friends who used to play, hangout with me when I was younger. Though I don’t see them often these days but I still love them!
  • I have passion for soccer and I’m thankful for this sport. It embraces¬†camaraderie and instill fighting spirit. Helps to release stress sometimes too.

Gratitude Journal

I am glad we had lunch together with Esther and Antonio today. It was great seeing them again! I’m glad to see Antonio is opening up more and more which is phenomenal!¬†On the side, it feels good to be invited to Antonio’s “Welcome Back” party at Esther’s place albeit I can’t make it. I’m felt very appreciated when I was invited nonetheless. Thank you!

Zhiyuan came to church today and I’m happy to see him in church. I’m also glad that he’s going to join me for soccer with the folks at CIS later.

Mum’s healthy dessert is the best! I couldn’t eat outside foods so I came home and saw mum’s healthy dessert and devour it. Thank you mummy for taking the time to make this healthy dessert for us!

Almost got into a fight while playing soccer just now. I hated that wannabe gangsters were trying to bully my church friends. I’m glad I chose to walk away and put down my ego before things escalated further nevertheless I didn’t regret playing rough at all.

Mum cook super delicious dinner today! Herbal Chicken and Vegetable! Able to eat a yummy dinner immediately after I got home from soccer. What a blessing and thank my mum for putting in so much effort to making this meal!

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