Home Journal 3rd April 2019 Journal

3rd April 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Mum cook dinner again
  • Manage to took a nap in the afternoon. Today is kinda tiring
  • Relax by reading Shoe Dog in the evening. What a great book!


It is a challenge to produce 32 posts per day now, I don’t know how I can handle 48 posts per day in the near future. Regardless, I’ll have to do it to the best of my ability. In the past, when I was handling Gracious Watch, it took an entire year to reach 500+ posts. Today, we can hit 500+ in 2 weeks plus.

Bag Reviews didn’t give me the vibe that I look for in a review. I am contemplating if I should discontinue it (like Watch Reviews) and have Andrea write on Shopping Site Reviews instead. She is quite a natural and talented writer. I should probably take advantage of her strength and have her focus mostly on writing instead of juggling between finding images, sourcing for prices for different bags. Haven’t decided yet, I’ll do a full pros & cons (reviews taught me to do so) tomorrow and see which direction we should take.

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