Home Journal 3rd March 2019 Journal

3rd March 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Thank God for allowing me to view the bigger picture. Nothing in life is as important as the bigger picture. My journey in life is much bigger than any one particular event.
  • Thank God for all the team members’ effort in contributing to Humble and Rich. Let’s continue to give our best to grow the website to the next level. I’ll work double or even triple hard for us to grow. I’ll suffer and I don’t mind suffering for the sake of the website’s future.
  • I pray that I’ll learn to love people more. Love doesn’t mean I am gonna please everyone I meet though. It is just being loving by being truthful.
  • Mum made Lemongrass + honey drink for me while I was working
  • Dad prepared dinner – what a yummy dinner! Happy that we can eat together as a family.


Tomorrow onward, life will be quite scary. We will officially begin Bag Reviews and instead of publishing 7 content like in 2018, we are gonna publish 20 per day. And in mid March or early April, we will open up Makeup review. Which will add to a grand total of 25-30 articles per day. Thinking of it brings shiver down my spine. No matter how scary it is, I’ll face it. I already promised myself that I would chiong in 2019. And if I am gonna chiong, I might as well do it well.

Even if I fail, I’ll have no regrets! It will be a painful learning experience but I will climb back up again. If I succeed, great! Anyway, I have an idea of what I’m gonna do next already – regardless if I fail or succeed – going gungho now is really not a bad thing. In fact, this is something I should embrace from now on. Living on the edge is scary but I am learning to like it already.

Next Sunday, there will be soccer after service at 1pm. I need to remember to bring my gears otherwise I wouldn’t make it in time. I pray to have a good game and that everyone will have a good time. No injuries and definitely no fight. I’ll step in to stop a fight if there’s one and I’ll not initiate a fight myself. I will learn to control my temperament and enjoy the game. We are all just out to have fun and exercise a little.

I will heed bk’s advise to go out more. I went out almost everyday the past 2 weeks. Let’s see where I am gonna go next week. Hopefully, I get to see more of my friends.

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