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4th April 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Met a friend for lunch at Bedok Block 18
  • Mum prepared dinner again. Millet!
  • Moved Andrea from writing Bag Reviews to Men’s Grooming Reviews where her strength at writing will be utilize better.


Kinda peeved at Andrea work attitude today. She is quite a timid person and I hate working with timid people. She doesn’t own up to her own bloody mistakes, take her own bloody sweet time to reply when confronting her about her mistakes. It gets on my nerve so much. I’ll give her until the end of next week at most, if I don’t freaking see improvement and effort from her, I’ll not hesitate to let her go. What a waste of resources and time! It is so discouraging to work with her today. I feel like punching walls and tearing down cities.

She is still here today because Tonie put her own reputation on the line to say so much nice things about her. I can’t decide if she’s nice or if she is a poisonous team member. I’ll know sooner than later. Let’s hope Tonie is right.

I want to take a break. Know what, I should shower right about now. Looking at Andrea’s work today took at least 50% attention away. It is not a wise use of my time. I will focus on relaxation and doing things I love for the rest of the night.

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