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4th March 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Mum is preparing Vegetable soup for dinner!
  • Manage to write about a 1,000 word on a blog post – coming soon – hopefully I can publish it by tomorrow
  • Feels kinda lethargic today but glad I manage to do what needs to be done


Currently reading Never Go Back. I wanted to request for a refund after the first chapter but something tells me to stick with it. This time, I’m glad I trusted my instinct. Most of the valuable information are somewhere in the middle and this book spoke so personally to me in certain crucial aspects of my life. Can’t wait to read the upcoming chapters.

Learning to judge people quickly was an important skill in the past, I pray that today I will learn to cultivate friendships instead. This is healthier spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

I have to learn to stop watching too many youtube videos. It is sucking the energy out of me and I feel so restless just after 30 minute or so of mindless watching. Should definitely switch habit to playing guitar, reading, writing, exercising, praying instead. I shouldn’t be on auto-pilot mode when watching youtube. I’ll learn to be mindful and only watch videos that I truly want to watch and skip the rest. Same goes for freaking Netflix.

Marisse is good at writing but she isn’t really good at sourcing for images. Let’s wait a little while more, I want to observe better. Perhaps I should switch her role to do more writings in the near future. We shall see.

Joshua shared an instagram post on our LG whatsapp chat that didn’t do us good. It is about another church doing some weird things and he had captioned that embedded post with either a judgemental or sarcastic remark or both. I told him that if he finds that isn’t right, he should pray rather than share that IG post with us. He replied saying this is for “knowledge and entertainment.” Kinda flare I was, but he said he was sorry so I chose to forgive and not reply. Yesterday, he was the one who encouraged me to pray for the world, today he’s trying to be funny. Guess we are all here to remind one another every now and then.

Thank you Lord for today, although today I feel like I had wasted a lot of precious time mindlessly watching youtube videos and paid the price of being lethargic thereafter. Thank you that you gave me strength nevertheless. I will learn to manage my time better. Thank you for disciplining me for the past 5 years. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be where am I today. I’d probably still be doing illegal stuffs, wasting my time and engaging in meaningless relationships. Who am I that you are so mindful of? Thank you, Father!

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