Home Journal 4th May 2019 Journal

4th May 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Dad made french toast for breakfast
  • Read The Traitors and The Spy for close to 2 hours with Milo
  • Breads + Netflix = Relaxation


Time flies so quickly in 2019. We are already in May now and so far here are the biggest breakthroughs in business:

  • Converted the entire site to a review site
  • Trained and hired new writers for their respective categories
  • Migrated server from Kinsta to Cloudways
  • Removed AWS S3
  • Combined old posts + adding 301 redirection rule to over 250+ posts
  • Change the entire theme to a review friendly one
  • Increased Adsense earnings by 200%
  • Removed 7,000 products from our database and break ties with Rakuten and Net-a-Porter

Personal breakthroughs:

Things to improve:

  • Pray more. I am extremely inconsistent in praying. Some days I pray a lot but most days I just don’t. Referring to deliberate prayer not short prayer before meals or soccer games.
  • Go easy on hard liquor. Drank 2-3 shots of hard liquor per day in the last couple of weeks. 2-3 shots aren’t a lot but I just don’t want to drink it every day lest it becomes a habit.

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