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7th April 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Dad made yummy delicious breakfast before I go to church today
  • I found my first big fan and advocate for Humble & Rich! His name is Joshua from my LG. He spent more than an hour browsing through the site when he can’t sleep and isn’t shy about sharing what Humble & Rich is all about.
  • Lunch and coffee with LG was great! I had a blast. It’s such a blessing to be able to meet my LG every week. Joke, share, catch up… it’s so nice!
  • Dad is preparing dinner today – not gonna eat much though because
  • Gonna meet up with the Monkeys to have dinner later at 8pm Laihuat to celebrate Alvin’s birthday.


I think I’m gonna create a new section for foods that my parents have cooked for me. It is gonna be a sentimental section when I look back many years from now.

Met the monkeys for dinner at laihuat today. It’s Alvin’s birthday. Fun catching up with them!

Starting from tomorrow, no matter how tough it is, I’m gonna do my best to vet and publish 44 reviews per day. I’ll work in time blocks. For instance, I’ll work 1 hour and rest 15 minutes and then work another hour and rest 15 minutes. Rest periods strictly no youtube, netflix or doing anything that requires facing the computer screen. Rest should be doing simple exercises, read, pray or just simply rest. I’ll need to learn to manage my time better for this to work otherwise I’ll just be burning myself out and quit sooner or later.

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