Home Journal 8th April 2019 Journal

8th April 2019 Journal

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

Things I am Grateful for Today

  • Mum’s cooking dinner today – I’m touched that she’s putting in so much effort for the family
  • Writers did well on their reviews today
  • First time make commission on all partner sites today


Made plans for website in the next couple of months. I know I can’t handle too many tasks at once therefore I’m gonna focus on handling one task at a time. With that, I need a lot of planning. What to focus on and what not to focus on. Planning is essential.

Thursday will be my first time leading guitar worship during LG service. Yk had picked a song called God, You’re so Good. I’m gonna play in the G major chords with capo in the 3rd of 2nd fret. Not sure which fret I’ll use yet but I’ll know soon after some experimentation. Though it is a busy week but it is no excuse not to practice and serve.

Did pretty well today in terms of publishing reviews and updating previously published content but I manage my time terribly! I need to improve time management otherwise I will be running on adrenaline more times than I’d prefer.

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