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Why I am Planning to Migrate Our Server from Kinsta to Cloudways

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

It is going to be a busy few days since I am gonna migrate server from Kinsta to Cloudways. At the time of typing this, I’ve already submitted a support request to have my sites migrated. Here are the reasons why.

Limited SSD Storage

Kinsta doesn’t have enough SSD storage on my current plan. I am currently in the Business 1 plan paying US$100/month and I’m limited to 15GB. That’s the reason why I started using AWS S3 storage to store our images to offload the stress on our server.

Offloaded Media to Amazon S3 – Price is unbelievable

Speaking of AWS S3 storage, I’m quite shocked to see that with less than 2 months our bill has accumulated to around US$40.00/month from only US$5.00/month in the first month. Most of which came from Data-Transfer and we are just getting started. We are hosting jpeg/jpg images (not videos) and our storage in S3 are only worth less than 2 months of images (the rest of the images before we leverage on S3 are hosted in the current server), I can’t imagine if we increase our outputs by at least 2x (which is what I’m intending to do in 2019).

Based on the information I’ve had and if my math serve me correctly (taking web traffic fluctuation for data transfer into account), by end of 2019, our monthly Amazon S3 bill alone will total up to around US$2,000/month or more excluding CDN and hosting fee! There’s no way I’m paying that kind of money just to store images that are only 80kb per image on average with CDN support!

Kinsta Does Not Allow Vertical Scaling

Kinsta doesn’t allow me to buy SSD Storage alone. It wants me to upgrade to the next plan which is US$200/month. Even so, it only increased my SSD space by 5Gb. I would gladly pay for storage and stick to Kinsta if they allow the options to scale vertically.

Cloudways offered US$22/month for 50GB storage compared to Kinsta’s US$100/month 15GB. I love Kinsta, the interface is easy, my website is loading at an unbelievable speed but speaking of speed, there’s a test done not too long ago. Guess what? Cloudways won Kinsta 3 out of 4 times in terms of performance!

On the other hand, Cloudways offers vertical scaling which is extremely useful for the current business I am in. But most importantly we can offload the Amazon S3 images back to Cloudways server (we are using cloudways’ DigitalOcean server) to save tremendous amount of undue expenses and scale only whenever it is appropriate in future.

From hereon Out

I’ll still be using Sucuri’s WAF and KeyCDN delivery network for speed, security and performance. These expenses are good expenses that I would gladly pay.

I am a huge fan of Kinsta. Sadly, Kinsta isn’t suitable for all kind of wordpress-based businesses – especially H&R Boutique which is loaded and packed with full of images in almost every posts. We need the SSD storage and I’m not putting that up for discussion. It is either we have it or we don’t. Since vertical scaling is not possible with Kinsta, I – as a business owner – would have to say my peace and migrate for the benefits of our long-term websites’ vision.

Expenses are inevitable in a business, I’d gladly pay for expenses whenever it needs be. However, this would be considered undue, unnecessary expenses at a 5 or 6 digits amount in the near future (if I don’t do something about it now). That is a whole different kind expenses that I am willing to pay.

With that being said….

I’ll return for a business that doesn’t requires high SSD storage. For now, Auf Wiedersehen to the folks at Kinsta! Thank you for all the awesome support you’ve had provided me! It was an awesome ride with you guys!

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