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A Nerd for World War II History and Why I love to Visit Germany

by Say Zhi Hao, Jeremiah

My love for reading started off with World War II. I read most memoirs and books and watch most of the movies that I can get hold of. I study most of the operations, battles, generals, units etc. on encyclopedias too.

Nothing touches me more than the history of World War II, I cried so many times reading stories about it (both the good and bad ones).

I don’t like killing per se… especially the killing of innocent people. What touches me most about World War II (or war in general) is the sacrifices the soldiers made for their comrades or countries.

I also find it very amusing that it is possible for a country to be rebuilt in such a short time after almost-complete annihilation. The entire country was in ruined but yet the people were united to stand firm to rebuild their country with little to no resources.

Whether it is the Axis and Allies or people caught in the middle, people miraculously became more united when fighting in a war. They have to be because it meant life or death if they do not cooperate as one. The kind of unity that doesn’t happen often during peace times. I am not an advocate for war; I am an advocate for unity. The kind of unity that can be found in sports, churches around the world and the notorious dog-eat-dog world of businesses. It is no wonder why I’ve had an engagement in all three.

In this genre, I love the fact that people were given the chance to repent. People are people. We are not perfect beings. We make mistakes – terrible ones even – yet we should not give up on ourselves, keep pressing forward and always aim for repentance.

I have many friends in Germany and I love to visit this particular country. It is not because they are the main culprit for World War II but because they reminded me of their repentance. Through early 1930s and early 1940s, people cannot enter Germany as and when they like. One would get persecuted. Today, Germany welcomes refugees from all around the world in the safety for their harbor. Talk about a radical change.

Germany isn’t perfect now and definitely not then. But they made the effort to change. That’s the vibe I get whenever I visit a country like Germany.

I love ‘Darkness to Light’ kind of story and Germany is the living testament for it. I find it supremely encouraging. They are not proud of what they did yet they do not deny that they were the main culprit for the war. In short, they accepted the fact that they had done something wrong and they repented.

There are so many valuable life lessons we can learn from history and that is why I was so keen in studying memoirs. Many of the decisions I made today were the results of studying history. Particularly, World War II.

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